Mushroom chocolate Bars

Mushroom Chocolate Bar

The psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bar is a delicious treat that contains a new type of ingredient, known as Psilocybin, and this substance is a natural psychedelic, which has taken over as one of the most popular psychotropic drugs that have been making waves everywhere. These psychedelic Mushroom chocolate bars are just like any candy bar, but what makes them different is that it contains mushrooms and all their mind-blowing contents.

While these psychedelic mushroom chocolates bar for sale online leave a sweet note after the first bite, they can quickly lead to sensory overload since each edible is infused with 4 grams of quality mushrooms. Each of these mushroom chocolate bars contains twelve pieces of chocolate with an average weight of 290mg for each piece making 3.5g in total.

However, the precise measurement of the mushroom chocolate bar weight allows its users to consume the exact right dosage of psilocybin in the form of chocolate without any taste of mushroom in it. Besides, if you have little to no tolerance for shroom chocolate bars, then it is best to start with a slow dose, and the most common method is by microdosing a small amount of the chocolate bar each day because the effects of this edible vary based on the amount which is consumed and the user’s tolerance level.

Furthermore, consuming a mushroom chocolate bar will give you a feeling of euphoria, that is it will make you feel high and out of the regular thoughts, this impact solemnly calms your mind from excessive stress and relieves the body, and in many cases even stimulate brain cell growth and increase awareness.

Once the mushroom chocolate bar is eaten, the psilocybin found in the chocolate will then turn into psilocin as the body processes it, causing your perception to alter in more ways than one, and the euphoric and mind-numbing trip can start to take effect between 20 to 40 minutes after ingestion, while the entire high can stretch up to six hours long. The mushroom chocolate bar also can put you in deep sleep and you can similarly treat mild pains with the help of this chocolate bar.


Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

The magic mushroom chocolate bar is one of the most excruciating choices available for you to satisfy your test bud in the best possible way, and each of this bar contains 15 equal-sized chocolate squares, with each containing approximately 220 milligrams of psilocybin, this will make eating the chocolate bar quite easy, and each of this bar contains 3.5 grams of psilocin from psychedelic mushrooms.

So if you’re new to the game and you intend to start on a low dose, then it is recommended to start with 3-5 squares, and the dose should be equivalent to a very light one-gram dose or less. Moreover, you can take 6-10 squares of the magic mushroom chocolate bar to amp things up a notch, and this medium-dose will almost certainly provide you with the right sensation.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for the full magic mushroom experience, then the entire 3.5-gram bar will suffice, after all, it takes some time before the effects of the magic mushroom start. And on average, the effects take 30 minutes to an hour to become noticeable, so it is advisable not to become impatient during the come-up and to wait for the feelings to take hold before deciding to take more.

Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars For Sale

If you’re looking for a delicious psychedelic mushroom chocolate bar for sale, then you will have the chance to enjoy this chocolate edible at Psilocybin Sweets, these producers of psychedelic products have been distinguished by the superior quality of their products and by their overall focus on wellness and a wide variety of Psychedelic products.

Anything you want, will be successfully shipped regardless of your country or state’s laws, your safety is their priority, and they also offer convenient payment options that will safeguard your privacy and dignity. With a lot of focus on quality customer service, psilocybin Sweets is aimed at providing a solution to all their customers anywhere across the World.

And even though the process of buying a Psychedelic mushroom chocolate bar for sale is very complicated at times, they still make sure your product arrived successfully at your doorstep. Psychedelic Sweets have also decided to take the next step to ensure that their customers can access all products from coast to coast by mail.

Shrooms Oneup is another reliable Online Dispensary where you can get psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars for sale as well as Shroom Candies, Microdose Shroom, and much more. Their psychedelic Mushroom milk Chocolate bar is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of anyone, these chocolates have been infused with high-quality magic mushrooms and each square is precisely dosed, so there’s no need for a scale or guesswork when you consume it.

However, Shrooms Oneup creates a mushroom edible that is both delicious and ready to eat and no form of preparation is required. Another amazing shop that delivers all your needs when it comes to the psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars for sale is Psychedelic Bar Shop, their shop is stocked with varieties of Psychedelic products including bars like wavy bars, magic boom bars, one up chocolate bars, shroom bars, wonder bars, and many more Psilocybin products.

As an online shop, psychedelic Bar Shop is not limited to walk-ins as they take it one step further and provide discreet delivery services to all their customers in the comfort of their homes. They are also involved in offering worldwide discrete delivery through the most reliable courier agency, and you are allowed to place an order from the comfort of your home and get your psychedelic mushroom chocolate bar for sale at your doorstep.

Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars are one of the many products with entheogenic properties, and these mushroom chocolate bars are one of the oldest and safest traditional medicines globally and they have been around for centuries.

The ingredients in this product are all found natural and healthy, with the main ingredient being Psilocybin, it gives a mind-altering effect to its user. Psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars can help people get rid of stress, induce deep sleep, and also relieve those in pain, while they can also be used to treat mild pains.

Although psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars are not the same as real mushrooms, they remain delicious and are treats for chocolate lovers. It consists of rich flavor and rich color which will have you reaching for more than one piece, which implies that the ingredients used in producing this delicious mushroom bar are not harmful to your body.

The dark chocolate bars are made with cocoa butter, which provides a natural coloring to its appearance, the mushrooms themselves have a bitter taste, but these are easily concealed in the chocolate. More so, the psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars contain four grams of magic mushrooms, which can cause hallucinations, and is best to consume them in moderation and make sure to drink plenty of water after.

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