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Buy Golden Teacher Mushrooms For Sale Online

Get the opportunity to buy Golden Teacher mushrooms for sale online which is a magic mushroom from a classic strain also known as Psilocybe Cubensis, and it is named after its gold-capped appearance and spiritual teachings.

These golden teacher mushrooms for sale are an all-time favourite among the psychonaut community for their introspective and philosophical effects, so in case you wondering what to order do buy golden teacher mushrooms for sale online.

Whether you like your teachers as a child or not, you are going to love to buy Golden Teacher mushrooms online because they are seen as a classic that have great spiritual benefits.

Buy golden teacher mushrooms online that have been around for many years, and they are more popular today than ever before. The golden Teachers Mushrooms for sale online got its name because of their golden caps and the gentle and clever teachings they inspire in their users.

The name Golden Teacher is coined after the strain has taught life-changing lessons to its users through the psychedelic trips of transcendence it offers.

Countless users have reported that the golden teachers mushroom they buy online and consume has opened their minds to a level untouched before leaving them with valuable lessons to take on even after the high subsides.

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Golden Teachers Mushrooms Price

Golden Teacher mushrooms is a popular cultivated strain of Psilocybe cubensis, one of the world’s best-known hallucinogenic mushrooms, this name reflects the light brown, yellowish, gold top caps of this strain and also the insight many users report receiving.

If you are looking for enlightenment and developing a deeper sense of connection to the world around you, then golden teachers Mushrooms will help you do just that.

The cost of these mushrooms can vary, and it can be hard to know whether you’re securing a good deal or getting ripped off, this is a result of having so many options now when looking to buy golden teachers mushrooms, besides buying online from a dispensary can be easier as you can browse other sites and compare the prices per gram or ounce before purchasing.

More so, Per gram of golden teachers mushrooms is approximately $7-$12, This is because one gram of magic mushrooms is roughly one stem and cap, or two small stems and caps. It would approximately fit in the centre of the palm of your hand.

Meanwhile, the cost of an Eighth golden teacher’s mushroom is $20-$40, normally an eighth (8th) of golden teacher’s mushroom is 3.5x the amount of the 1 gram, this could be about three standard size caps to 5 smaller caps.

And lastly, the price per ounce of golden teachers mushrooms is rough $200-$350 on average, this will depend it is dried or fresh. An ounce (Oz) of golden teachers mushrooms is a considerable amount of 28 grams and this amount will fill the bottom of a sandwich baggie a couple of inches or so. Depending on the mushroom strain, it might be 20-30 caps and stems.

Buy golden teacher mushroom

The Golden Teacher is a favourite among cultivators and psychonauts for years, Buy the golden teacher mushroom. The Golden Teacher is a mushroom strain psilocybe cubensis, a species of psychedelic mushroom, psilocybin and psilocin.

Fans of magic mushrooms agree that the Golden Teacher mushrooms are the most popular psychedelic mushroom strain. The beautiful golden coloured mushroom caps and their wise teachings have given the Golden Teacher its name.

The Golden teachers mushrooms grow medium-sized to huge when in the right conditions.

Product description (buy golden teacher mushroom)

Buy Golden Teacher shrooms have a fruiting body with a distinguishable, slightly curved cap, with a yellow or golden centre. Overall, this shroom has a cap with an ashy red colour and can reach up to 8cm in diameter.

They have a hollow stipe which is thicker towards the base. They also have gills that vary from whitish to purple-brown. All variety of buy mushrooms online present on the market are sold at the cheapest price at

The recommended dose for dried Golden Teacher mushrooms is between 1gram and 2.5grams. For most experienced shroomers, this dose may be quite small but this allows a margin of error for novice shroomers who never ingested Golden Teachers before.

golden teacher shroom

Hence, this shroom isn’t just for casual tripping. It can also be used for gaining new insight into yourself and the universe. It’s not uncommon for the Golden Teacher shrooms to produce a feeling of enlightenment and a deeper connection to nature.

Spirit healers turn to Golden teacher shrooms as tools for restoring the mind and spirit. Finally, Golden Teachers also produce hallucinogenic effects. Such a trait is common among all magic mushrooms. Contrarily, you can buy liquid LSD, buy LSD tabs and buy 5 meo dmt online

Here are some useful tips when tripping on Golden teachers:

  • If you’re tripping for the first time, it’s best to have a trip sitter nearby. A trip sitter will remain sober and watch over you to help out in the event of an emergency.
  • Never exceed the recommended Golden Teacher dose.
  • Don’t mix Golden Teachers with weed or other substances even if you are an experienced tripper.
  • Have some Vitamin C nearby to help you recover from the effects in case your dose is stronger than intended.
  • Drink a lot of water after the trip to help flush the psilocybin out of your system and to be able to return to your day-to-day self much quicker.

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